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Welcome to my gallery page. There are two main sections: main gallery wall and then scroll down for the not to miss, bargain basement.

Gallery Wall Works seen here as examples may or may not be available. [Some quickly recorded images shown anywhere on this page might look 'blued' & some under glass might have small reflections. Lightness may vary with device.] It is often possible to contact me to view items from 'stock' by private arrangement (home or mutually agreed venue) and with no obligation to purchase.


"Forge". Oils on canvas.


"Florence-Firenze-Florencia". Pen and ink composite drawing. (Former Paris Salon exhibit) Approx 22.5x14.5 ins.


  "Ulting, Essex". Oils on board.


  "Perthshire Landscape." Oils on canvas.


   "France." Oils on canvas..

Bargain Basement.

Here, works for lower prices are displayed as for sale. Payment by cheque or visit  as after delivery - sorry no credit - and

 prices can be agreed as for foreign currencies. Postage and packing is £1 in UK [inc. N Ireland] and £2 outside

UK unless shown by exhibit.     

Tip!! Try small picture in photograph frame to stand or hang. Just seal the back with good tape and so as not to see it at the front.

 Leave off the glass for oils.

To order, just contact me . Quote list number with your request. Sizes are as width x height. More available. Just ask!!....

Tel/message [+44] (0) 1376 501229  mob 07788586179 Find me on Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn.


  "Med Shade" Oils on board..

"Quiet Waters Buy." Oils on canvas.


  1/. 'Green Space'. Watercolour.Unframed. No mount or surround.

Size 5.5ins x 3.25ins [approx. 13 x 7.25 cm] £15


2/.' Essex Showers.' Watercolour. Unframed. No mount or surround.

Picture size approx. 6.5 x 3.5 ins [16.25 x 8.75cm] £20


3/. 'From up the Top'. Watercolour.Unframed. No mount or surround. Picture size approx. 4.5 x 2.75ins [11.25 x 6.85 cm] £8


4/. 'Montserrat'. Watercolour. Unframed. No mount or surround. Picture size approx. 4 x 3.5 inches [10 x 9cm] £12 

 5/. 'Quick, Antigua!' Watercolour. Unframed and no surround. Picture size

approx. 4.5 x 3.75ins [11.25 x 10.75cm] £8.50


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   6/. "Essex Untamed". Watercolour. Unframed and no surround. 7 x 4.5ins [approx. 17 x 11.5cm] £20


   7/. 'Casita.' Watercolour. No frame or surround. Picture size

   approx. 6 x 3.25 ins [15 x 8 cm] £12

  8/. 'Peaceful Norway.' Oils on board with small wood finish frame. Picture size approx. 6.75 x 5.8 ins [16.75 x 14.5 cm] £45

    "Nostalgia." Pen and pencil drawing


                                   "Some Like it Hot." Pastel and pen.


"Spirit of Poland." Oils on board.      "Let's Go Together." Coloured pencil.

                  "Waitingroom - Madrid" Pastel and pen.



     "Granada" Pen with little bit of pencil added.