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Welcome to my Philosophy page.             


This is my Art Philosophy:

In an age of advanced reliance upon technology, the concept of the virtual, and emphasized materialism, artists have the chance to offer opportunities for contemplation or relaxation. We can help to maintain links with Nature. We can create awareness of humanity. In times of depression, loss, insecurity...the arts can provide release or comfort.


   We may use computers to promote our projects and true Art is not just for a clique. True Art is for everybody to share.


  Beyond my little studio is the far greater one, so remember the likes of me when you want to dump some rubbish or litter, or cut down a tree.

Love and respect the work of art that is our world. Teach and share compassion for all our fellows, including members of other species.


Then let us not be left all alone....!!



1/. Outside examination room......"Joe Bloggs pipes up and says, "You revised thingy- whatsits?" Of course, you haven\'t. You\'ve done do-dars and those-thems, but you\'ve not checked up on thingy-whatsits. You panic and grab your notes for a quick scan, but the doors open - and why have they suddenly grown to cathedral proportions? When you go in and glance at the old paper, thingy-whatsits are nowhere to be found. You

now go blank. What was that about do-dars?! You should never listen to Joe Bloggs when he starts behaving like he did today. He was probably only trying to wind you up." 

2/."It was my first visit to a particular Essex bungalow, one full of space and light; furnishings including cut glass chandeliers, mirrors, Chinese rugs. Talk was full of introduction, encouragement, reassurance. Coffee flowed and before long Nature signalled to me in the inevitable way.

    I excused myself and was directed to the bathroom. Things looked clean. Unlike a few locations, a towel was available for use. Young male voices could be heard with some activity going on in the back yard.

At conclusion of main closet business, I arose to the clear call of "wolf whistling". My temperature climbed at speed as I struggled to secure my Jeans. Panic set in at the sound of the refrain being repeated: window was wide open.

    Once securely attired, I dared to take a cautious look out of the window. There, out in the yard was an extremely large bell-shaped cage in which sat one African grey parrot who was whistling contentedly in the sunshine..."


Sections in the book: \\\\\\\\\'Down to Earth\\\\\\\\\', \\\\\\\\\'Tutor Calling!\\\\\\\\\', \\\\\\\\\'Branching Out!\\\\\\\\\',  \\\\\\\\\'On the Air\\\\\\\\\', \\\\\\\\\'Selected Examples\\\\\\\\\', \\\\\\\\\'Archives\\\\\\\\\', \\\\\\\\\'Got the Idea?\\\\\\\\\', \\\\\\\\\'Answers to Sample Exercises\\\\\\\\\'......  Also see notes for this book which are lower down this website page (written 2017).

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"True Dove", Episode 3:




Winter was coming in. Would he survive with us for Christmas? As I held him next to my cheek by the window, I sensed one day, the quiver of frustration. "It\'s alright," I said softly with heart aching for this one not likely to go back to the wild. "It\'s alright. We\'ll do things together. We will join in and play with the others. We\'ll go out and see stuff and play \'upsy-downsy\' like we fly indoors. I\'ll hold you. We\'ll find the Wonders together. Don\'t cry... Foster Mummy\'s here. I love you lots and lots and lots." After planting human kisses on his silky shoulders, I positioned him under my chin in place of \'neath a hen\'s wing; "oo-oo-ed" as at bedtime... "are-ooo, oo-ooo, or-ooo," feeling him grow calm. This was how it was to be.

I was to be his main voice, giving calls to the rest of the colony:"Dove-Dove relos." My hand was to be his human wheelchair.









 Tune in for next "episode/extract" about Dove-Dove later....There will be useful ideas included for wild and pet bird care. I will also publish the whole thing round again. I last updated this 12/Nov/22




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    "It\'s a Tutor\'s Life."...noted within own copy.