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How much?!


Welcome to my price guide.


Works can be displayed on a Sale or Return basis [restaurants, offices, private medical practices, receptions...]. See lower down this page.


Book for sale. Click 'news' or for extracts, go to 'about us.'

Disc also for sale with details on 'news' page.


If you would rather not have me retain your contact details after any  arrangements have been completed, just let me know and I will keep to your wishes.






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Payments by cheque or just click here:










All prices shown here are given in pounds Sterling.

Payments by cash; Sterling cheque; foreign cheque by agreement; 'Paypal' ( as above).


20% deposit on all orders.


Works in stock are individually priced. Wide range available from £6 approx. prints through and up to a £3,000 'o.n.o' original...


I set out below, a guide for ordered commissions.

10 x 8 inches or about 25 x 20 cms.


Oil or acrylic on board/grey and white pencil/watercolour....£130


Coloured pencil/pastel....£135


Pen and ink/mixed media....£140


12 x 8 inches or about 30 x 20cms.


Oil or acrylic on board/grey and white pencil/watercolour...£145


Coloured pencil/pastel.....£150


Pen and ink/mixed media.....£155


For canvas [oils usually but will do acrylic], start at 16 x 12 inches or about 40.6 x 30cms @ £190 then add another £10 rising through each size*


*Larger/smaller sizes  as agreed to in approximate proportion to 10 x 8 inches above as x or divide by 2 or 3 or 4 etc along longest side.


All prices shown are as for unframed and unmounted. Postage or use of carrying company will be charged, also allowance for personal delivery...except for within or close to own town of Witham in Essex, UK. Other occasional extra arrangements may be charged as agreed.


Loan of Work. As per item, £50/week or @ £550 for 3 months' block, or only £1,600 per annum, all with agreed (signed in writing) though renewable length of time. Loss or damage could lead to me asking for £50 payment and/or completion of full fee for originally agreed period. [2 v. small works count as one!!] Transportation may be charged outside Essex. Decision to purchase work already on loan results in the further payment to reach wouldbe sale price [or token offer if already passed], but normally with a 20% discount upon calculating that final purchase price.   Loan fee = x 1.5 for piece above £1,000 value.


Sale or Return Works. No fee. My risk. Establishment receives 20% (or as agreed) commission on any sale, also mention on this website. You might for example, wish to take down existing prints for a display within set dates within - say - your tearoom or shop. We can set up a longer term display together. You might just want one or two items in one area....There can be various options. Work should be in keeping with the venue, perhaps even have some possible theme if required.



All prices are for 2022 only.